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The smart way to play poker online: an introduction

While the internet has changed the way that we go about so many aspects of modern life, few of the transformations have been so radical as that which has occurred in the gambling and casino industry. In particular, the availability of poker online has brought a specialist and skilled game of chance from the private domain of the smoky back room and high stakes casino to a mass audience. Anyone with internet access and a bank or credit card can now play poker online at sites, a democratisation of the game to be sure, but a process not without hazard for the reckless newcomer. Here we look at some of the basics for those new to playing online poker, which should hopefully keep the game safe, fun, and with any luck, profitable!

To start with, the first piece of advice applies to pretty much any online transaction involving money, but is particularly important when it comes to the gambling world, and that is to stick to reputable sites when looking to join a game of poker online. There are many well established, properly regulated sites as jerseyonlinepoker.net out there that can offer the security and privacy that you should expect of anyone handling your money and card details, and just as importantly, a fair game. While the number of dodgy sites out there is relatively small, you should be careful about obscure sites which may try and attract you with too-good-to-be-true introductory bonus offers.

That being said, you should have a look around for introductory offers from the reputable sites providing poker online. Many will offer to provide an additional percentage of your stake as an introductory bonus, and this is commonly from around twenty percent of your initial deposit, up to as high as a full one hundred percent, doubling the money you put in to your new account! More cash equals more play, and more games equal more chances to win, so take the bonus! A blackjack table can be provided for a casino night party. This is one of the best tables to hire as this game is very popular among many.

However, another general rule - that applies to all forms of gambling, and indeed much ‘retail therapy’ – is very important to remember at all times when playing poker online, and that is to only stake what you can afford to lose. It is important to avoid the temptation to max out the introductory bonus by committing your grocery budget to Texas Hold ‘Em, as no matter what skill you have picked up in practice play, success in money games always requires a good dose of luck, in terms of both the cards you are dealt and the quality of the opposition that turns up at the table that day.

Add some spice to your life with the casino slots games that you’ll find for Canada’s players at All Slots Casino. These games are so much fun to play and they will make you smile as you enjoy.

Practice play? That’s right, real poker online for pretend money. No matter how long you spend learning the rules and reading up on strategy, there is nothing that can prepare you for the speed of poker online like actually taking part in a game. It is however worth mentioning that the approach that the average player takes to the game when risking nothing – in general, fast and loose – can change radically when real money becomes involved. Still, practice play is a great, and some might say essential, stage in your poker education – and costs nothing but time.

You can also enjoy some unique gaming experience at Paddy Power casino that offers a full suite of online casino games, promotions and a range of bonuses.

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